So who is this guy?

My name is Adrian, and I am the Weekend Adventure Warrior.

I am an adventurer by nature, always yearning for the next exciting trip away, and when there isn’t one on the horizon I get ‘itchy feet’, I can’t bring myself to focus, productivity goes out the window, and I start adding lines to the ever-growing list of ridiculous ideas that I’ll one day tick off. Some people call it daydreaming… whatever.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, and while spending a lot of time away, I technically still live here. And why not? If you’re going to live in a city, why not make it the worlds most livable right? It’s mostly because of the coffee.

The short version of my story goes something like this;

The Beginning

I finished high school, got a job, saved some cash and took off around the world for a year. The big grand plan was to explore the world and myself and figure out what I wanted to do. Uni, career, all that adult stuff that didn’t quite sit well just yet. I spent most of the year working a few jobs in Canada, and it went great, maybe a little too great as when I got home, while not having the answers to the ‘adult’ questions I did work out that I wanted to keep exploring. The big adventures were only just beginning.

The ‘Plan’

The end goal became clear. I was to become a professional adventurer! The path however, remained a little murky. How on earth does one become an adventurer? I followed some amazing advice from the great Allan Watts, a philosophy professor, something along the lines of ‘keep doing whatever you want to do, and eventually you’ll find a way to make it into a career’! And so I did. I’d take any job I could to work and save some money, just to spend it all exploring the world, there was no real plan, just keep going on adventures, and keep eyes open for opportunities!

The Opportunities

My first big opportunity came while I was studying building design, around the time when all the final assignments should have been worked on, I ‘ran away’ from the idea of working in an office for the rest of my life and signed up to trek the Kokoda track. Finishing that trek, crossing under the giant archway at Ower’s Corner it struck me, this was it, my way forward! Upon returning home I immediately applied for a job with No Roads Expeditions, the tour operator I had trekked Kokoda with, went through some basic training and I was away! The following year I led my first 2 Kokoda trek’s and I was addicted. But it still wasn’t enough, I needed more!


I very quickly saw that if I was going to turn this into a full-time career, I would need to do a little more training! Another case of perfect timing saw me signing up to a traineeship in Outdoor Recreation, where I studied and worked as a guide and instructor in a range of outdoor pursuits. I studied, trained, read, was mentored, and soaked up every bit of information that I could. On top of all the training, my time at Halls Outdoor Education was pivotal as it settled the foundations in my mind that I really could do anything, I just had to find the best path.

Years Later

Fast forward a few years and I’ve started my own adventure tour business called Impulse Adventures (shameless plug) organising and running some amazing adventures all over the world! Job done! You might say, well done Adrian, you made it! And while you may be right, running a business, even an adventure travel one, required a lot of time in an office, planning, preparing, documenting, marketing, all those ‘adult’ things I hoped to avoid!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love my job, and my business, and everything that it enables me to do and the adventures I get to take people on. All I’m saying is, I still value the precious moments we call ‘weekends’, and hope to inspire you all to make the most of them!

You may have noticed that there was nothing mentioned in my story about writing! I am not a professional writer, I have never studied journalism or anything of the sort. In fact, my high school english teachers would probably be greatly concerned that I was submitting any form of writing for public viewing!

I am however a simple adventurer with a passion for telling a story and inspiring people to get outside! So if you can forgive me for the odd spelling or grammatical error, I’d love you to come with me on a journey as I begin to document my adventurous weekends!

Happy reading,

Weekend Adventure Warrior.

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