Paddle Mount Martha

24 degrees, light breeze and blue skies. That’s what the weather forecast promised! I can tell you that was not the case in Mount Martha last Sunday morning! None the less, not a bad day to get out for a cheeky Kayak along the bay.

Weekend Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. You, nor I, likely have the time to go away all weekend every weekend, so these day and half day trips are super important to me to keep the adventure alive! It’s great to have a good bag of tricks so when a few hours happen to free themselves you can spring into action! This adventure was actually a last minute change of plans and you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what the original plan was!


Earlier Saturday, Dave let me know he was staying down at Mount Martha for a while, house sitting for a friend, and that he was heading out on his Kayak for a few hours in the morning. How could I refuse! I don’t actually own a sea kayak, so i employed the power of Facebook, a post went out, and within a few hours I had several offers of quite a surprising range of kayaks! Eventually the perfect offer came through (Thanks Peter and Irene of No Roads Expeditions!) that was sea worthy, and able to be picked up in the right direction! Don’t stress though, if you don’t have one to borrow, you can rent them from Peninsula Kayaks in Mount Martha for about $40 for a couple hours!

We dragged the boats down to the beach, and launched hard into the 25cm shore break. While this might not sound like a struggle, try doing it while unsuspectingly being pushed out, while struggling with your spray deck and trying not to drop you paddle!


Paddling South for about an hour, before turning back, appreciating the beaches and cliffs along the way from the side most people don’t see. We chatted constantly about up coming adventures, and several mad plans were hatched. That is after all the main topic of conversation on most adventures “What are we doing next?”

So… what are YOU doing next?

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