Running the Cathedrals

A massive adventure day trip on Saturday, and all back in time for afternoon tea!

Dave and I hooked up for a trail run and bike ride at the Cathedral Ranges State Park to test out a few things in preparation for a bigger expedition later next month. We needed to work out how well we’d work together on a run and a ride, but with limited time, we had to get creative!

We left home at 6 am, blasted out to the Cathedrals, dropped our bikes at Sugarloaf Saddle car park, drove down to Ned’s Gully Campsite, hiked up to the top of the ridge, ran the whole length of the mini mountain range, then rode down the valley back to the car, all in time to be home by 2pm!

The day was a smashing success! The venue was amazing, although next time we might take a weed whacker to a few sections, not much traffic through the Northern end. Dave and I had a similar pace and were happy for short rests along the way but conscious of time, we never stopped moving for too long. We even managed to work out some logistics for next month while running along… maybe we weren’t running fast enough!

Check out the little video below!

The whole circuit was captured on my Suunto, and you can check it out on 3 hours and 19 minutes on the go, and burnt through 2100 calories! (makes me think we may have to pack extra food for multi day runs!)



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